Long-Term Vision and Short-Term Motivation

Strategic Planning & Execution for B2B Businesses
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Our Process

Without strategic thinking, you cannot create strategic marketing. Our planning entails a strategic thinking process that goes through four high-level stages: Discovery, Analysis, Strategy, and Automation

The Discovery goes through a series of sessions to identify goals, identify where you see your business in the future plus much more. This stage will ultimately strengthen the marketing strategy. In Analysis, we consider all internal and external factors. The Strategy includes its own series of stages to outline the strategic plan, a tactical marketing plan, and methods to track, measure and report. Lastly, a marketing automation strategy is developed in order to streamline all marketing activities and ensure all resources are fully utilized.

Marketing Strategy

The foundation for any successful marketing campaign is in strategic planning. Having a plan enables your company to be reactive, organized and proactive. We set your company up for success by taking you through our process of discovery, analysis, roadmap development, and automation. Our process includes in-depth research and analysis ensuring we have all the information necessary to create a detailed, three to 12-month strategic approach to reach your goals. Roadmaps are tailored to your industry, market performance,  and company goals. Based on our discovery, roadmaps may include demand generation, content marketing, account-based marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and other strategies all executed around inbound marketing methodology. Schedule an initial discovery session to learn more.

Brand Strategy

A well-defined brand strategy is your company’s blueprint. A brand strategy helps you stand out from your competition and directly connects you to your prospects and customer’s emotions and needs. Who are you? What does your brand stand for? What’s unique about what you have to offer? Your brand message is more than just a tagline and your brand identity is more than your logo. We work with you to help you identify the core components of your brand to then execute an effective brand strategy for long-term success. 

Marketing Automation

In many cases, businesses are already using marketing technology whether it is a social media dashboard, email marketing service or an online form builder. One of the benefits of marketing automation software is it serves as an all-in-one solution consolidating all tools and streamlining marketing processes. We develop marketing automation implementation strategies to fully leverage opportunities in existing or new technologies. The first step is defining what success looks like for your business. Contact us today to learn more about marketing automation solutions we offer.

6-Step Roadmap to Understanding Your Marketing Sphere

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The key to a successful marketing campaign is in the initial research. It’s important to understand what’s important to your customers, to stay relevant, and build long-term success. In this free email series, you receive an easy, 6-step roadmap to help you gain an understanding of your current marketing sphere so that you have the resources you need to build a successful marketing strategy.

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