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Feel certain you’re on the right path, you’re doing the work you are meant to do, and you’re being paid abundantly to do it.

So you can have the joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction that comes with time and money freedom!

You know running a business is not always easy, BUT you’re starting to wonder…

1. Wasn’t self-employment supposed to be freeing, rewarding and meaningful?


2. How am I supposed to stop trading my time for money if everything seems to need so much of my time??


3. What’s next?? I’m trying everything and still feel frustrated by little social media results, low email opens, and lack of sales.


4. How do I know what’s working and what’s not? What should I be doing differently??


Learn. Create. Grow.

We’ll work together to analyze, strategize, innovate, and automate so you can feel secure and confident with informed decisions, consistently market your business effectively to reach your sales goals and build the 6-Figure business you’ve always dreamed of.

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So here’s the thing…

My expertise and approach to coaching do not stem from a one-method solution that worked for my business. Or even from the coaching space.

I use the experience I gained from growing a side hustle offering marketing services into a full-time profitable business, my BA in Media Communications, and the skills I learned serving hundreds of business owners across multiple industries in award-winning marketing agencies for over 13 years.

So, I’ve done this — literally day in and day out working alongside business owners, looking closely at their goals, and providing the research, analysis, and innovation they need to scale their business.

I share this so that you know my approach to coaching and consulting means no-fluff or cookie-cutter solutions. Only customized guidance and approaches for your specific business, for the way that works for YOU, and for where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

The F.P.G Method

I created the F.P.G method for women entrepreneurs like you who want to step out from working in their business as the operator, become the business owner and create predictable and scalable income.

It’s a 3-part framework that’s applied in weekly strategy sessions to walk you through how to strategically

  • Delegate, outsource, or automate
  • Create and leverage your own methodology, documented processes, and digital systems
  • Identify the right marketing strategies that drive profit
  • Make informed decisions that fuel your business growth

I’m with you every step of the way to hold you accountable for your goals and to answer questions so we can move your business forward together.

Connect with Denisse Marie

Transformational & Strategic-Centered



Businesses that serve a well-defined niche within an industry are strategically positioned to demand a larger customer base, putting them in a position to scale faster. It creates focus and clarity which is crucial to scalability. By leveraging a niche, you’ll gain maximum impact, scalability, and clarity.

A second component to focus is knowing the value of your time, setting boundaries and being strategic in how you use it so that you can set yourself up to be the visionary business owner you intended to be.


Automated processes and new intelligent technologies are critical to helping close gaps and optimizing revenue and performance. By leveraging automation, documented processes and digital systems, you’ll benefit from reduced costs, improved operational efficiency, process management, visibility and transparency, and superior service.


Get more clients, increase revenue and exceed your revenue goals! We’ll examine and identify the right marketing and growth strategies that are unique to your business and fuel your growth. When combined with focus and process integration, you’ll ultimately scale, attract and convert more customers.


With a unique mix of strategic marketing and operational efficiency tactics, together we’ll create a productive, digitally transformed, profit machine so you can find the joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction that comes with time and money freedom.

“Denisse has been a great asset to my company. She has been like a partner in helping me make marketing decisions and she’s been a key person in my systems implementation. Denisse continues to add value to my business with every task she performs. I highly recommend Denisse if you want to be consistent with your brand and you want to see it grow! ”

Yaritza Delorenzo

Yari Solutions

Let’s Do This!


Four 1-Hour Strategy Sessions

Strategic guidance without the commitment


  • Four 1-hour strategy sessions held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (you get to choose!)
  • Dedicated Q&A time during each strategy session
  • Accountability check-ins by email or Telegram

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Learn. Create. Grow.

a 6-Month VIP Program


  • Weekly strategy sessions during the first month (for planning and strategy)
  • Bi-weekly one-hour coaching calls with hands-on, practical guidance — you’re essentially getting me as your business partner
  • Dedicated time for Q&A during strategy and coaching sessions
  • Unlimited support and feedback throughout the month by email or Telegram to answer your questions and guide you along the way
  • FREE access to my resource library with tons of marketing resources, courses, tools, templates and exercises.