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Business Foundations Bundle

Establishing a strong foundation for a successful business takes planning.

The Business Foundations Bundle has everything you push your brand forward with clarity and put the controls in place to build an established, profitable business. I will guide you through my signature worksheets and checklists for mapping your business goals, establishing your niche, discovering your brand message, setting goals and metrics for success, and a done-for-you financial checklist to create a thriving business that stands apart from the competition.

Quite often as side hustlers and entrepreneurs, no one is teaching you the fundamentals. You’re good at your trade or profession but you’re learning how to run a business on the fly.

AND Building a business is like building any building.


You need to put down a strong foundation… otherwise, it will lead to problems down the road.


When you don’t take the time to establish your business foundation, it’s inevitable that your business will end up in chaos, specifically around your time and money. You’ll be drawn to fixing things and working in firefighter mode, working more hours than you need to, and the financial rewards just won’t be there, leaving you frustrated and burned out.


When your business has a strong foundation, you will have a long-lasting, sustainable business and you will build it with clarity, control, and a vision.

The Business Foundations Bundle includes signature worksheets and formulas designed to help you:


FIND Clarity and Purpose


Establish SMART Goals


Reap the Rewards of Time and Money

Here´s what you´ll get…

Get access to my 15 years+ of experience as a marketing and growth strategist with instant access to result-driven formulas and fill-in worksheets, all strategically designed to help you establish a stable, profitable business.


The 7-Step Formula to Discovering Your Niche and Crafting Your Positioning Statement

Start thinking creatively about what you want your business to accomplish and get a clear vision for your brand with instant access to my signature 7-step formula for discovering your niche, or specialized segment of your industry, and crafting a positioning statement.


The Setting Goals With Clarity Worksheet

Stay focused on activities that are important each day, rather than reacting. Defining your goals gives you a destination to reach and daily direction. Set your business goals, identify the metrics to track for success, and create affirmations to overcome your limiting beliefs.


The 4-Step Framework to Discovering Your Brand Message

This step-by-step framework helps you discover everything that makes your brand unique and a thing or two about your brand that you didn’t even think to use in your marketing campaigns. Brand discovery is an important step in building your foundation because it ensures your brand remains consistent in everything it does.


The Master Your Competitors Worksheet

What are your competitors up to these days? What are they doing better? What are they not doing so great at? And what can YOU do better? Answer all of these questions with this simple competitor analysis worksheet you can keep coming back to time and time again to stay competitive.


The DIY SWOT Worksheet

Research and analysis can be overwhelming. And we make it easy to uncover your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with our DIY SWOT Worksheet. These areas are your critical success factors and they give your business its competitive advantage.

Plus Super Sweet Bonuses!!


Discover Your Why

As we get tied up in the day-to-day it’s easy to forget the meaning and purpose behind our actions; we forget why we started our venture in the first place. We have to remind ourselves of the “why” for lasting change. Use this worksheet to help you get beneath the surface to discover your why and keep coming back to it over time for clarity and motivation.


The One-Page Marketing Checklist

Leverage the simplicity of this one-page checklist with the core marketing activities you can implement to generate leads and find customers for your business. 


The Ultimate Financial Checklist

Learn the exact financial steps you should take in your business to keep it financially healthy and profitable with this detailed, done-for-you checklist.

Yes, I want result-driven formulas!