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Supporting ambitious women entrepreneurs in practicing the art of self-compassion so they can experience GREATER freedom in their lives.

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What It Means to Give Ourselves Grace

What does giving yourself grace mean for you? What do you do to practice giving yourself grace?

Evoking Tender & Fierce Self-Compassion with Physical Affection

What if we could practice self-compassion by holding ourselves and evoking the energy of self-compassion to support us in different ways?

How to Practice Self-Compassion When It's Difficult

What can we do when we’re in a place where we can’t even come to a place to show ourselves kindness?

Practicing Self-Compassion with Affectionate Breathing

Learn about shallow breathing vs. deep breathing and three simple yet powerful techniques you can practice as a form of self-compassion.

Busted! Self-Compassion Is Not Weakness or Complacency

In this episode, we bust the myth that self-compassion is weakness and explore ways that self-compassion can be fierce.

Approaching Our Business Goals With Self-Compassion

How can we approach our business goals with self-compassion and with what works for us and our journey?

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