Marketing + Operations


Marketing operations evolved as a way to help companies be more transparent, efficient, profitable and accountable. As technology continues to rapidly change, operations management will continue to advance and play a key role in businesses. By adding operations to marketing functions it helps ensure that systems, processes, and tools are in place to support marketing performance measurement and management.

I go beyond marketing and communications – I ensure that your business is capable of managing marketing efforts and results effectively by implementing the right systems and processes and ensuring that those processes, people, metrics and goals are all aligned.

Digital Transformation

Companies that use technology well can thrive, and those that don’t may not survive. Technology is advancing rapidly and businesses need to move towards working with technology, not avoiding it out of fear. Most companies are falling behind and sticking to processes that are outdated and inefficient. Digital transformation uses digital technologies to remake or improve processes for efficiency, profitability, effectiveness, and scalability. Different technologies include artificial intelligence, marketing automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and others.

I develop digital transformation strategies to create capabilities of fully leveraging opportunities of existing or new technologies. First, it takes a clear roadmap to move towards digital transformation with end goals in mind. From planning to execution to management, I can help transform your business model.

Ready to Align your Marketing and Operations?