Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy is about creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to your target audience. Which customers are you trying to reach? What are your goals? What value do you have to offer? What methods can be used to communicate and tell stories to your audience? Content marketing can include your website content, email campaigns, case studies, brochures, infographics, testimonials and much more. It all begins with the right strategy.

Visual Communications

It is predicted that by 2018, 84% of all marketing communication will be visual. Yes, that’s how important visual communications are. (A. Boatman, TechSmith). Visual communications are digested faster and better retained. Incorporating visuals and video into your business communications will help you keep your message consistent, leave less room for misinterpretation and in today’s world, everyone has little time or are “too busy” so using visuals to spread your message will ensure capturing your target audience’s attention. Not sure what type of visuals will work for your business? I will help you develop a strategy that incorporates visuals throughout your marketing communications.

Public Relations

Public relations is connecting and communicating through a variety of relationships that may include employees customers, industry professionals, vendors and the media. Public relations is to inform, influence or even persuade a targeted group with a specific goal. An effective public relations strategy includes your objectives, tactics, your target audience and your key messages. Public relations will build brand awareness and grow your business. You have a story to tell and it’s worthy of media recognition. Let’s create your PR strategy today.

Events & Tradeshows

In-person events remain one of the most effective marketing methods. Digital marketing and storytelling are the foundation of a consistent brand, but in-person events support and strengthen those objectives. The most important component to in-person events is the strategy. It’s important to plan in advance, layout a strategy and execute accordingly. I can help you plan, develop, and execute an effective strategy including booth design, the┬ámessage, a tradeshow video, corresponding content marketing and more.

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