Denisse Marie

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Our Approach

Marketing and communications are an investment. To be successful, it takes commitment and consistency, both financially and time wise. As a boutique agency, we dedicate ourselves to a reserved amount of clients in order to achieve that consistency and commitment that their marketing objectives require. This approach allows us to become very familiar with a client’s brand and integrate into their company as if we were an in-house marketing team.

By becoming familiar with your brand, we are able to identify areas for improvement in the marketing process whether it’s in the analysis, the strategy, the sales process or the nurturing.

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Denisse’s Story

Since the young age of 19, Denisse has specialized in helping businesses to grow, and she’s had a great deal of personal experience in the small business arena. She started her first business to assist small companies and single-person entities with the many basic needs of day-to-day operations: office management, business processes, bookkeeping, marketing, and general administration. She worked for many business owners but kept seeing one basic need: her clients wanted to focus on their businesses, yet they were being sidetracked by trying to find quality help, trying to work social media, attempting to learn WordPress, and losing valuable time to other marketing tasks that were time-consuming and frustrating. And so, within the last 10 years, Denisse has focused on helping businesses in these areas with a solution that has been refined to what is now Denisse Marie.

Denisse Marie is dedicated to helping businesses build their brand and develop a unified, memorable and simplified experience for their audience in this conceptual age. Denisse Marie’s clients range from small to medium sized business all around the world in the financial, legal, food and hospitality, and healthcare industries.

To reinforce her hands-on experience and marketing certifications, Denisse is currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications from Full Sail University. In addition to working as a marketing and communications professional, Denisse is also the mother of three daughters. She is an example of the new breed of business owner—a self-employed, educated person who balances work and family.

Denisse Marie's Affirmations

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