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Our Approach

To be successful with marketing and communications, it requires productive and effective consistency. As a boutique agency, we dedicate ourselves to a reserved amount of clients in order to achieve that consistency and commitment your marketing objectives require. This approach allows us to become very familiar with your brand and seamlessly integrate into your company as if we were an in-house marketing team. Our approach is what sets us apart.

Through seamless integration, we are able to easily identify areas for improvement within the strategy, processes, lead generation, or the sales process. Once identified, we create a customized plan that will ultimately fill your pipeline and help you scale your company.

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Denisse’s Story

For over 15 years, Denisse has specialized in helping businesses grow, and she’s had a great deal of personal experience in the small business arena. She was employed by many small business owners but kept seeing one basic need: they wanted to focus on their businesses, yet they were being sidetracked by trying to find quality help, trying to learn the fast-paced landscape of social media, attempting to learn WordPress, and losing valuable time to other marketing tasks.

She started her first business in 2005 to assist small companies and single-person entities with the many needs of day-to-day operations: business management, processes, accounting, marketing, and general administration. Within the last 10 years, Denisse has focused on helping businesses in these areas with a solution that has evolved to what is now Denisse Marie.

Today, Denisse is dedicated to helping businesses build their brand, navigate the digital world, and communicate a unified and memorable story for their audience in this conceptual age. Denisse Marie’s clients range from small to medium-sized professional services all over the world.

Denisse has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications from Full Sail University, over 15 years of hands-on experience, and various certifications in digital marketing, marketing automation software, and marketing management.

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